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On October 30, 2020, the regular ImProfEdu project online meeting of the Finnish and Russian partners took place. The project is implemented within the framework of the cross-border cooperation program “Russia-South-Eastern Finland 2014-2020”, funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

  1. The beginning of the meeting, the issues that need to be discussed and resolved
  2. Participants of the meeting, brief presentations of the participants

IBIN: Valery Pilyavsky, Anastasiia Ivanova, Nadezhda Shulmina

Petrovsky College: Olga Vakhmanova

SPASK: Natalia Petrova

Ekami: Erja Pohju, Pekka Lindholm

KSAO: Auli Haapajarvi, Markku Maunula, Sari Luopa, Kukka-Maaria Vesalainen, Taru Horppu

3. Continuation of the project, activities carried out by each partner

– The platform, the website and the request to MA are under development in St. Petersburg. Russian partners will start a labor market research next week. After conducting the survey, the research unit will only need a few corrections.

– Finns are also ready to start a labor market research. Teachers are selected for the project.

4. Further actions

– the steering group: monitors the progress of the project, gives instructions, accepts reports. The steering group will require at least one person from each partner. A steering group will be formed before the report is submitted in October. Proposed members of the steering group: Valery Pilyavsky-IBIN, Natalia Petrova-SPASK, Olga Vakhmanova — Petrovsky College, Katya Andreeva – Ekami. KSAO member will be selected later, possibly Markku Maunula.

– request to MA: the deadline is the end of September, then the requests will be ready on time.

– training block: the deadline for the training block is the end of October, and it is also being prepared on time.

– The starting meeting was planned to be held in Kouvola, but due to the current situation, it will be organized online. It was proposed that the launch should be held in two days, the first day will be devoted to practical matters and the goals of the project, and the second-to administration and accounting. The start dates have been determined: September 24, 14.00 and September 25, 13.00. A representative of MA will be invited.

– ImProfEdu will be presented at a conference in St. Petersburg. Finnish partners can send their 10-15-minute presentations in Russian to be shown on the screen during the conference. Presentations can be dedicated to colleges and participation in the project. Video materials from the conference will be added to the website and to the project report.

5. Accounting and administration

-time sheets: everyone who receives a salary from the project must have an employment contract with a partner organization, the contracts will be checked by an auditor during the audit. Everyone who receives a salary from the project must also fill out a timesheet: 1) A description of the project work, 2) project hours and 3) Hours of performing other tasks in the organization. The bottom line shows the percentage of monthly payment that can be paid to a person from the project.

– the request for a budget change is moving forward. Questions were sent to MA about replacing trips abroad with domestic ones. Changes in the personnel budget still require clarification regarding the role of new employees in the project.

– report 15.10.2020: instructions will be sent to partners about the report: each partner needs to send three indicators: personnel, business trips and outsourcing. There are enough general figures, you do not need to specify how much was paid to a certain person. In outsourcing, partners must submit tender documentation or price comparison if the purchase costs less than 4,000 euros, excluding VAT. Accounting is not necessary. Partners also need to fill in the personnel information in the Google Drive Participants-folder. Partners will also receive questions about the project’s activities by email.

6. The next meetings on the project

– September 24 and 25

– October 9 and 30

– November 13 and 27

– December 11 and 18

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