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On May 15, 2020, regular online meeting of Finnish and Russian ImProfEdu project partners took place. The project is implemented within the framework of the cross-border cooperation program “Russia-South-Eastern Finland 2014-2020”, funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. Meeting program:

  1. The beginning of the meeting, the approval of issues that should be discussed and resolved
  2. Participants of the meeting, brief presentations of the participants

Auli Haapajarvi, KSAO

Markku Maunula, KSAO

Erja Pohju, Ekami

Irina Karkkainen, Ekami

Jaana Okulov, Ekami

Pekka Lindholm, Ekami

Valery Pilyavsky, IBIN

Anastasiia Ivanova, IBIN

Taru Harppu, KSAO

3. Brief introduction to the project

Project name: Improving professional education

Implementation period: May 1, 2020-October 31, 2022

Main activities:

  • online research: the skills and competences employees should have in cross-border companies
  • study unit and its platform. IBIN will be responsible for the technical output, content will be put together by all partners
  • Visits, streamed workshops
  • Working periods in companies
  • Pilot of the study unit

4. The first steps: how we’ll proceed with the project

– Mobilities or visits cannot be organized right now, but we can start planning the research and outlining the content of study unit.

– All partners make suggestions for the research question and the final questionnaire will be decided together based on suggestions. The questions should be ready on June 10th

– Lead partner will ask the MA, how we can use the money reserved for the cancelled mobilities on something else

– We need to open a common platform for documents of project implementation

– collection of materials can be started before holidays, but actual planning of the study unit could be started together in August after the Finnish holidays. Before the holidays the main contents and the structure of study unit should be decided. IBIN will make a suggestion for the study unit structure in end of May

– Finnish summer holidays take place June 15th – July 31st

5. The basic of accounting and administration of the project

– Grant contract is now signed. Money transfer will be arranged as soon as possible.

– This year’s mobilities have to be at least postponed. Cancelling mobilities means changes in budgets. All budget changes have to be approved by the MA.

– Tendering is not needed, when the purchase from one supplier is less than 4 000 € excl. VAT.

– The lead partner has sent the partners written instructions regarding financial procedures and reporting. Additions and corrections can be made during the project

6. Communication among partners, common platform for documents

– Partners can make suggestions for project logo, deadline is in the end of May. The logo used in the project will be chosen from the suggestions.

– The platform for the project: Google Drive or Teams? The Finns prefer Teams. The Russians will check if their organizations can use Teams. If not, the project will use Google Drive.

7. Website, social media and other publicity about the project

– IBIN will make the project website after the first payment.

– Every partner will inform about the project on their own websites, the project website will be linked later

– Project meetings will be arranged in Skype until we know whether Teams works for all partners.

8. Next meeting

Friday June 5th 12 -14

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